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Doubly beautiful…..With double life as well. DOUBLE LOADING TILES.

  • Doubly beautiful…..With double life as well.
                DOUBLE CHARGED TILES.
Vitrified Tiles, the first generation….

Vitrified Tiles are normally made by the dust pressed method of a composition with about 60-62% silica & rest clay along with other raw materials such as binders and design elements. The resulting tile is a dense, impervious, hard, tough, strong, frost resistant and in other words long lasting.

They are fired at more than 1200 °C and are known to be fully vitrified. They have water absorption less than or equal to 0.05%.
They are mostly preferred by high profile households as well as modern commercial constructions. Because of their obvious Beauty That lasts long property, they are the most in demand.
Once the green tile or tile body is made, these tiles are sent for printing by soluble salt screen printing technology and then for firing.
The Double Charged Vitrified TIles

These is one of the most modern technologies of manufacturing vitrified tiles.

The Vitrified tiles mostly have designing in the top surface of the tile at about .05 mm, rest is the body.

In DC, design is brought in a tile by using dry color powders during the tile body while it is in green form. The tile is being pressed in a tile press with these powders.

Tile body or green tile made/ pressed, has already been given dry powder/ oxide colors in its body. Tiles are sent directly for firing after the press.

Due to this, designs are found throughout the tile body. If you look at the cross section of these tiles, you will find design throughout the depth of the tile.

Many tile manufacturing units manufacture Vitrified tiles in a varied ranges, size, color, texture and designs under its latest technologies, such as full Mass Products (MDR), Double charged, Double Charged with Soluble Salts Printing, Double Charged with dry glaze application. Some other technologies are also coming up.

Vitrified tiles V/S Double Charged Tiles

Liquid oxide or colors are used to screen print
the tile from top, after the tile body or green tile is made/ pressed from a tile making press.

Dry powder or colors are used to bring design within these tiles during the tile body or when the green tile is being made in a tile press.

More artificial and only surface seems painted
Has Natural look is seen in these tiles. All tile design comes natural stones
More porous..
Less Porous
Only fit for Low traffic Areas
Can be used in Medium as well as high traffic areas depending on the polish.
Relatively Limited Choices of design and looks available
Virtually limitless design choices and patterns can be manufactured.
Tiles become dull on the long run
Will remain shinier for long time.
The surface is more prone to Wear and tear.
Less prone to wear & tear on abrasion
Very visible Shade variation in bathces
Shade variation is nil due to natural design patterns. Each tile design must be varying from other tiles.

Buffing, mechanical shining is not recommended Due to low penetration of print which may get cut further.
Buffing, mechanical shining stands possible due to full body print impact.
Low cost of production as technology needs less investment and production time.
Each tile is produced to bring the natural
impact through powder technology having extra value addition in these products & extra time consumption.

Moulding, bull nosing is not advised as design impact in not seen on the moulded side.
Moulding is advisable due to homogenous design impact through out the tile body.
Tiles have do not last long and have lesser life span
Much longer life span

Print Penetration is up to 1 to 2 mm only after the Tiles are fired & polished
Design is homogenous throughout the tile body.

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