Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Report Card of Build Avenue

As build Avenue completes yet another year of success and excellent readership, we just decided to sum up what we have done for you great readers.

Build Avenue has always been proactive and result oriented in presenting its content. The idea has been to write about issues and matters that are in grey areas and questionable and make them more clear and useful.

There is a lot of information flowing, our team strives to convert the same into knowledge and carve them into words that can be understood by the common reader as well as an expert. With the same theme and style of writing in the past three years, we have been successful in growing our readership as well as reach in India as well as abroad.

Markets and Expansion

From educational to informational, the generalized topics on Markets and Expansion have been our favorite. Ranging from Macro-economic perspective to minute negotiations while buying, we covered a lot of exciting articles.

Many of these were HELP YOURSELVES GROW articles that included :

Exhibition Importance for manufacturer, dealers and another professionals, highlighting the need and effectiveness of exhibitions. Marketing in monsoon, Different strategies to win the markets in Monsoon. Winning The Project: discussing minute aspects and details of confirming a project deal. Buy Your Way to Profits, tips and tricks to ensure efficient and profitable buying.

The Expansion write ups were mainly written with a view to make readers aware of the expansion that had taken place and the future expansions forecasted by our team. future of ceramic industries in 2013, set a broad vision of things to come in 2013  International Visions : Brazil, giving internaitona perspective to markets,   Export booming with poor Rupees and technology and
Quality,  highlights the growth of Exports in the wake of rupee fluctuations. Anti Dumping Duty, Just Dumped, What Now?,  impact of the change in law and its economic significance.


The first and the most important product group for us has always been tiles. This is largely due to the ratio of tiles being manufactured and consumed compared to other ceramic goods. Further, the variety is so large, that each and every new technology, design and consumer trend needs to be highlighted for the sheer need to clarify and increase the ability of reader to differentiate.

The articles that highlighted tiles and its impacts in the markets were:

Glazed Vitrified Tiles: Strength and Beauty combined, which took an in-depth view of GVT. This article had good response especially from people who were confused about VTs and GVTs.

Big : The new definition of Success in Tiles : The Next BIG STEP AND From BIG to HUGE: The article tried to impress upon the Sales channels about the impact that BIG tiles are having in the market. The goal was to get them to not miss the BIG success bus that demand for BIG tiles is generating.

PRODUCTS: Sanitaryware

Sanitary ware is another major product of Ceramic Trade. Not as spread as tiles, but equally important in the business. We have covered bits and pieces of Sanitary ware in different articles that were general in nature or were a part of Markets and economic situations.

However, we did have one very excellent writing on Sanitary ware, Inspiring Growth in Slowdown: 4 NEW Sanitary ware Factories.  IN times of challenge and change, growth remains constant. The new units pumped fresh blood of hope to many by setting another trend in Sanitary ware investments.

PRODUCTS : Roof tiles

By popular and consistent demand of some of our readers and advertisers, we researched the Morbi Ceramic Broth Products, the roof tiles. We directly went to the current scenario and the solutions to the challenges. Roof tiles : The Leaders under stress, was the article that was read by many. It was appreciated for its innovative approach to find smart solutions to the challenges in the current business scenario.

The magazine was never without its regular sections. The Reader Review section was one of the most important to us as it was probably the only section where we could show the readers, the views of other readers from across India.

The Entrepreneur Profile a info-fun section that sought to bring out certain aspects of entrepreneur which other wise would never have come forth.

Company Profiles represented a company and some of its detailed information for the readers to relate to.

Management story of another infotainment category that runs across all issues and is well appreciated by the readers.

The Trade Shows and Events Section was the News You can Use information to plan your participation or visit to the events relating to Ceramic Sector across India and the world.

The journey of Build Avenue has been one of excellent soil rich land where all fruits have grown. We have tried to explain in the best possible manner, about the land, the trees fruits and other living beings in the landscape.

We hope to improve with time and your involvement in the improvement is inevitable. Do send us your feedback.

Keep reading… BUILD AVENUE… Forever.

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