Tuesday, 8 July 2014

LAPATO: Tiles that have nature embedded in them.

We love nature, and want it everywhere…

For centuries, the unprecedented beauty of nature has lured the world. The use of nature in every aspect of human life has always been at the forefront of the designer’s minds. From a historical perspective, the tradition started quite early as is testified by the ancient Indian, Greek and other civilizations and has continued since then. Humans progressed and technology started gaining importance in building and decoration of homes; but nature has always held its attraction and natural designs are ranked as one of the topmost priorities for a designer even today. Since ages, nature has been an integral part of a designer’s think tank. In fact, humans will probably never get over with the delight of using man made material that appears close to nature, but has better properties for use.

This very nature of humans to be close to nature has motivated the ceramic industry to invent and reinvent designs and technologies that serve as a substitute for nature. Ceramic industry itself is an outcome of using the best of nature, clay to produce and deliver high quality ceramic goods that adorn the interiors of living spaces. In this quest of the industry to give a near natural touch with all the modern properties to the material, 

LAPATO has been an instrumental range.

It’s time to formally introduce LAPATO to our readers.
LAPATO is an Italian term. It means Honed Soft Finish. Most of the tiling solutions that have come before Lapato are plagued with a number of limitations. First up, their edges appear round, like ceramic floor tiles. Then, their textures are smaller in design. Further, their glossiness or even matt finish gives an impression of the artificial depiction of nature. In short, these and many other limitations have motivated inventors to look for better solutions.

LAPATO’s properties make it a near nature replacement. It has all the benefits of nature and science.

The Look

It is available in almost all types of natural colors.  Be it marble, granite, wood or leather. Companies and researchers have not left a single stone unturned to extract the most breathtaking natural effects for the Lapato products.

The Feel

As it is made in a single full body mass it resembles nature all the way. Like nature, where slabs are veined due to years of natural temperatures and pressure on the stone, they form a veinous body, resembling marbles and granites.

The Gloss

The glossiness of the product is extraordinary. The shine lasts for years and makes the interiors glow forever.

The Homogeneity

Again, like nature it is homogeneous. It does not appear like a painting.
The Vitrification
It has a complete vitrification. It is baked at a very high temperature which enables this sort of vitrification. This gives it a homogeneous strength in the body.

The Joints

It has a drastically low thermal and moisture expansion. This enables it to be laid joint free. Joint free nature of LAPATO makes it ideal as a natural floor, totally free flowing.

The Thickness

The thickness is 9 to 12 mm, making it quiet thin compared to any tile or stone. Surprisingly, even with this low thickness, it is tough on the inside. This also makes it easy to handle and lay perfectly.

The Sizes

It can be manufactured in 600 x 600 to 1200 x 600 sq.mm sizes. The size factor makes the natural Lapato tiles a big attraction for the lavish, grand and luxurious constructions.

The Uses

Lapato tiles can be used in high traffic areas also. They are ideal for residential as well as commercial buildings. Having a low slip, they are suitable for any kind of flooring and the builders can apply them without fear.

Maintenance Free and Stain Free

The Lapato tiles are virtually maintenance free. A simple wash would serve the purpose of cleaning. Having very low water absorption, the shine of the surface never fades. Additionally, the tiles are stain free as well. Moreover, product is very hygienic and serves as the best in sanitation styling.

A technological Wonder

The surface appearance as well as long life are the twin major advantages of Lapato. This leads to low water absorption and hence gives the tiles the required technological edge over natural stones.
As mentioned earlier Lapato means soft honed finish. This is one of the biggest advantages that keep Lapato tiles way ahead of the rest.
The effect is achieved by giving a gentle finish to the vitrified tiles using special abrasives. In this manner it is made stain free, joint free, hygienic, maintenance free, less slippery and reduces glare.

After glazing and necessary decoration the tile surface is filled with specially formulated extremely hard and transparent granules. These granules enable the Lapato finish.

To cut a long story short, the Lapato tiles are a perfect blend of Nature and science that embellish the floors of homes and offices. The right choice for traffic areas that define high style with long life. They are indeed worth a lifetime Investment.

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