Saturday, 24 January 2015

Going International? Here are a few ideas....

The cover story has amply justified the need for the best companies to go global. The improvements in quality, adoption of expensive technology and the huge branding effects coupled with global designing, all can lead to a successful global placement. The increase in outputs will surely put pressure on the manufacturers to go global and explore new markets.

Going global and working in international markets is very tricky and testing. There are companies who believe that exporting 1 container a month is giving global presence. Well, its not.

Global presence is about establishing our own brand and network in the international markets. We see Mcdonalds in India. We see Sony in India, We see GM in India. That is global.

Not comparing with the giants in the business world over, for Small scale industries, going global is still the same ball game on a small restricted niche. There are thousands of SSIs from India who have developed a brand and a network in some or the other country.  Whether it is a small niche or a total brand in a country or countries for that matter, there are a number of tips that we have gathered on interaction with successful international players that we would like to highlight. We are sure you may know a lot of them, but maybe something interesting and useful can come your way.

Prospecting And Suspecting

This is probably one of the easiest activities. With internet and telephony so prevelant and a number of helplines available, scouting the best prospects who can buy our goods will be smooth.

However, the idea is to generate numbers. Do not go for a select few. You do not really know who is in the mood to go big, expand or change their current supplier. You do not know which of you rejected prospects may actually turn up buying from your competitor. So the best method is to approach almost all except those who have a track record of misdoings and unethical business practices.

Introducing Yourself Right

This is where most of the companies go wrong. They cannot express as to what they are doing and how they can be serve and benefit the buyer. They are either manufacturers or merchant exporters, they do not have the Corporate Brand Identity in place, nor do they have the right kind of stationery to approach a prospective buyer. The English and communication patterns are so jumbled up and circuitous, that the buyer sees everything except their benefits in the communication.

The need is to hire a smart communication designer who can give them a total solution with an international touch. The Logo, stationery, E-mail design writing, short as well as long profiles, that show the company strength and the benefit it will deliver to the buyer. This is a one time job. The best way is to have a good short introduction letter with a long profile and a product catalogue attached. A good PDF and a CD presentation can also do. However, it is best to have a printed presentation and all buyers are not techno savvy. Be sure to mention your financials, size of factory capacity and other data that build your credibility. The buyer is likely ot make you a consistent supplier. He will want to check your credentials. Do attach copies of certificates and photographs in the profile.

This can be followed up by an oral Telephonic follow up. The theme of the presentation and the talk by the person should be in alignment and question asked if any should also be well prepared for. Any contradiction here may lead to free fall of the deal.

Always get feedback on how they liked your communiqué, what else would they want from you and be sure to get another appointment for tele-talk or personal meeting if you are traveling to the country.

Follow Through

Sending Samples is a very good and productive practice. Once you have introduced, you know who is hot and likely to buy from you. Do send them samples or better catalogues and brochures.

Be in consistent touch with a borderline of never being too aggressive and irritating. Use Social Media to befriend the person. You can know a lot about the persons likes and dislikes for his SM profile. It helps you in dealing with him.

Remember the orders may be big, but there is only one person largely making the decisions. The more you know about him better it is for you to deal with him. Tweets and FB messages and other social media to keep in touch always keeps you in his mind. When he needs you, you are already in his contact lists and more so in his thoughts.

Participation in Exhibitions

Participation in trade fairs and exhibitions boost your brand image upfront. They also give you a chance to come face to face with the buyers. If you are not budgeting for a stall, you can just visit and make new contacts. Carrying your profile and other material benefit you immensely. A good contact made in such and exhibition is worth a number of online strangers.

Establish a Local Communication Point

 Tie up with a distributor or a retailer in the region. You can also tie up with an indenting agent who can act as your local communication point. This helps in quick response and building buyer credibility. This also improves the chances of closing the deal as there can be a consistent follow up and objection handling.

Catalogue through Embassies

Indian Embassies across the world have a responsibility of promoting trade of India in their respective countries. Be sure to send a number of profile and Catalogue packed in one to them. They are trusted and can promote your goods to prospective buyers. This is relatively fresh but not new.

Web Presence and SEO for Selected countries
Enhance your web presence and Social Media presence to be a target of prospective buyers. It is easy to be spotted on one of these sites and get an inquiry. Be very country specific on this as most countries have their own directories and Social Medias that they visit regularly.

Decide your country, find the best Trade directories and Post your details on them. Follow it up with Social Media team and an e mail campaign. These all will together attract prospective buyers to you.

We are sure there are a number of other aspects. We would be glad to hear those ideas from you. Write to us @


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